About Us

About Us

·         LTD “Agronom is one of the leading agrochemical companies in Georgia. It offers wide range of mineral fertilizers, pesticides and agricultural equipment. “Agronom” deliberately, properly and faithfully serves its customers.

We offer high quality Pesticides and Fertilizers, which protect and help to produce better harvest. Our experienced and professional team will take care of your crops. Our customers - Farmers and small dealers


·           Our slogan - Better harvest with us

·           Vision - development of the agricultural sector

·           Mission- help farmers in growing their harvest

·           Values -  professionalism, responsibility


·          Brand Mantra- inevitable way to have plentiful harvest

·         Points of parity- A wide range of products, product category and purpose, stores location.

·         Points of difference-  Price, powerful, secure, sophisticated, experienced, reliable, product quality, production capacity, innovative, energetic.